Senses : Madeline Slogoff

Sizzle from the pan,
Coated in butter,
Hear the trees sing
As the windows shudder.
Watch the leaves dance
Falling from trees.
I feel a frigid gale,
Such a strong breeze.
Watch the lights turn…

When I Fly : Ava Lucarelli

I feel the powerful wind blowing against my face
I see a sunset glowing orange and pink
I see people as tiny as ants below me walking and talking loudly
I see city lights and a mouse trying to find its family

Before I Allowed Myself : Arjun Pal Mazumdar

Before I allowed the maps of the stars
to lead me to lines of code, trace them to their humanity
to perpetual aisles of poetry, to have a dialogue with their insanity
to lamenting beaches of stars, to see through their innocent disguise

Before I allowed words to get close to me…

Small Functions Imagined Too Late : Arjun Pal Mazumdar

Our function in this world
is to take the paper cup on the first day
and pour our souls
eloquently, narcissistically, competitively
our moon-shined beliefs will achieve
maybe not
maybe some of us are just expressing ourselves
in the only way possible…