Mr. MacaroonVoh : Jeeya Ballaney

Meanwhile, Lighty Light was listening to the conversation from behind. She wanted to know about this new person in Neverending Snow Land. Right after their conversation, Fantastic Paper and Mr. MacaroonVoh left.

The Dark Forest : Oona Weaver

“Wolves are actually like bees. If you bother them, they hurt you.” “If you bother them they will hurt you,” Izzy kept repeating. She wrote that same note in her notebook. “Oh!” Izzy checked her watch. “It’s 1:00 already, I have to go and meet Hazel!”

Home Sweet Home : Evie McMillin

Just as Home had suspected, Elsie opened her green composition book of
“Really Good and Sometimes Long Words” and wrote vile on a half filled page. Today she didn’t bother writing the definition beside it.

The Land of Ulaqebu : Charlie Manzano

Mom stops running, but I don’t. I keep running until I reach the abandoned cottage. I then open the door, slam it behind me and collapse on the floor crying. It feels weird that I’m crying in a house that’s not even mine. In fact, the only reason I’m in here is because it’s the only place I can hide.

Prayers of a Lost Boy : Alexandra Berman

What was with these people and locking me in rooms? I’m used to it, though. They locked you in at the agency each night. I don’t care. But maybe… I tried the knob. The door squeaked open to reveal the hallway. I smiled…

Taxi Man : Emma Wurts

Taxi Man was the best taxi driver in the world and he entered taxi races, and he always won. He also travelled all around the world to help people get from place to place.

The Train to Snowy : Abraham Weitzman

Tom’s Uncle Frank may have been his favorite person in the world. He always thought that his uncle was the only one in the world who truly understood him. Uncle Frank was an old thymologist who said he couldn’t stand people. What he meant was he hated modern society. He was a funny, gregarious man who told Tom to hear his heart’s hopes. He was the next of kin on Tom’s emergency contact form and he died five years ago.