The Dark Forest : Oona Weaver

The Dark Forest

By Oona Weaver (Age: 9)

Izzy woke up one sunny and dazzling morning on her 10th Birthday. She decided to go on her mom’s computer and looked up “are wolves really savage?” She was in that awkward second where you wait for the browser to load. She read in her head (when the browser finally loaded) “many people think wolves are savage but no…”

“Yes, yes I know that…” Izzy said scrolling down on the mouse. She read aloud (even though there was no one there), “Wolves are actually like bees. If you bother them, they hurt you.” “If you bother them they will hurt you,” Izzy kept repeating. She wrote that same note in her notebook. “Oh!” Izzy checked her watch. “It’s 1:00 already, I have to go and meet Hazel!”

Izzy quickly got dressed and grabbed her phone. She was running out of the kitchen when her mom asked, “Oh there’s my birthday girl. Honey, can you bring Charlie out for a walk?” “Oh sure mom!” Izzy said, “I am going to meet up with Hazel.” “Okay, bye!” Izzy’s mom said. Izzy left with Charlie on his leash and she met up at the apple orchard next to the (what was said to be a haunted) forest.

“Hey!” Izzy said while running over to Hazel. “How’s the coolest birthday girl ever?” Hazel said running towards Izzy. Once they both got to the middle they stopped and gave each other a bone crushing hug. Izzy had brought the water, and Hazel brought the food for a perfect picnic.

They stayed there for about an hour up-dating each other about what had happened in the last week when Izzy was in Africa. They played and talked for another 30 minutes. They started playing truth or dare. Izzy did the most extreme dare. That dare was “Go in the forbidden forest!” Hazel said “Ok, but you and Charlie have to come, too.” “Fine” Izzy said very unhappily. “Let’s go,” said Hazel very mischievously.

They walked through the forest for what seemed like 20 minutes. They stepped on broken logs, bits of bones, and broken leaves. Izzy felt a sudden chill in her bones. They heard tiny crackling noises behind them, Izzy clenched tighter on Charlie’s leash. Hazel felt a sudden massive pain in her arm, she turned around and saw a huge hairy wolf with drool coming out of his fangs. “Ahhhhhh!!!” both girls screamed, then Hazel fell dead silent.

Izzy went up to the wolf. The wolf snapped his jaws at her and she took a step back. She took another step forward and put her hand on the wolf’s nose. The wolf’s cold dark eyes widened and looked soft and sweet. Izzy then took her head and put it against the wolf’s head and the wolf put his head on hers. “I really want you to come home with me, but I don’t think under any circumstances my mom will let me have a wolf in the house.” “But you should so take him home, I mean do you really want him?” Hazel said very thoughtfully. “No, Hazel.Okay? I am not supposed to bring wild animals home!”

“But—“ Hazel murmured.“No, okay!” Izzy yelled.

But after a while spent thinking they apologized and forgave each other. They decided to take him home in the end. When they got back to Izzy’s house, they begged and pleaded with Izzy’s mom and surprisingly her mom said “yes!” But under one circumstance, “Do not let him in the house. We can build a nice animal house outside of the house.”

And they did! Now the once scary wolf is a nice ad kind wolf living in Izzy’s backyard.

The End


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