Taxi Man : Emma Wurts

Taxi Man

by Emma Wurts (Age: 8)


Taxi Man was the best taxi driver in the world and he entered taxi races, and he always won. He also travelled all around the world to help people get from place to place.

In Africa, he met a cheetah. In Asia, he met an elephant. In Alaska, he met a polar bear. In Mystique, he met a tortoise. In the jungle, he met a monkey. In the India mountains, he met a chinchilla. In the Savannah, he met three bandit armadillos. They all needed to get to the New York zoo, so they all hopped in his taxi and went to New York. Now that his animal friends lived there, he decided to move there, too.

They went to the zoo and he became a taxi driver in New York, and he still drives around Ninety-First Street and Park, and sometimes he will visit the zoo.