Small Functions Imagined Too Late : Arjun Pal Mazumdar

Small Functions Imagined Too Late

By Arjun Pal Mazumdar (Seventh Grade)

I — Witness
The small sick dirty murders of the world
Our stars will formulate a plan together
I don’t actually find them beautiful, candid
They are lying, deceitful sneaky bastards,
killing us slowly
in their gaseous glare
of affinity
infinity looks down at us
The way our glasses always
in political correctness
and we all die a little bit.
We are all suckers for things we can see but not

II — Voice
Our function in this world
is to take the paper cup on the first day
and pour our souls
eloquently, narcissistically, competitively
our moon-shined beliefs will achieve
maybe not
maybe some of us are just expressing ourselves
in the only way possible
and to passionately, bombastically, arrhythmically
break windows of thought is just obligatory
you are not allowed to look in.
Soho, Brooklyn Heights… they beckon to me
but for you?
That’s your story.

III — Soar

Too late it was to find solace anymore
nothing could ground us
we were falling
But in space, falling and flying are synonyms
And it wasn’t that we wanted to fly/fall
it happened and then we had a mission
to see this one through
I always thought David Bowie an alien
screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo
But he put rockets on these restless feet of mine
soon we were fly/falling
and then he found a home
the restless wanderer from space
found a planet
I waved as I flew by
there is no sound in the pristine vacuum of space
but there was today as I fell/flew.

IV — Obituary
Someone once imagined too much
and found banked fires
closed curtains
nothing appealing for his heroic sonnet
of difference
and his prefrontal cortex
grew to the cataracting, cascading
paragraphs of publications
and substance was just there
but not really
not really when your atmosphere
has swords, brains and pens
His life had become the spoons
fallen behind the stove
he wished this would not be how he ended.