Sometimes : Arjun Pal Mazumdar


By Arjun Pal Mazumdar (Seventh Grade)

Sometimes the chess pieces blow away in the wind
and sometimes the Washington air
attempts stunts that only Iraqi tempests can pull off

Sometimes the owl pretends not to see
and sometimes the olive branch
catches a hint of redemption

Sometimes we don’t want to predict the weather
and sometimes the Gowanus Canal
is the most candid of them all.

Sometimes my father would rather stay at home
and sometimes my love of life
is too heavy for the any pedestal to hold up

Sometimes I let the umbrella soak outside
other times I drag it behind me
trailing passionate lines of tears

Sometimes I use long words
and sometimes I think the school team
is just a little bit pretentious

Sometimes I trust needles
and sometimes my rabid search of validity
leads me on a rampage for a medical degree

Sometimes I will save energy
and sometimes I will turn on the fan
why shoot the breeze

white noise is my savior