The Land of Ulaqebu : Charlie Manzano

Mom stops running, but I don’t. I keep running until I reach the abandoned cottage. I then open the door, slam it behind me and collapse on the floor crying. It feels weird that I’m crying in a house that’s not even mine. In fact, the only reason I’m in here is because it’s the only place I can hide.

Prayers of a Lost Boy : Alexandra Berman

What was with these people and locking me in rooms? I’m used to it, though. They locked you in at the agency each night. I don’t care. But maybe… I tried the knob. The door squeaked open to reveal the hallway. I smiled…

B or D? : Sasha Liberman

The next day I try not to think about it. I feel like a sail with no wind. I sit in my room, just staring at my book. Then my mom knocked on the door.

Senses : Madeline Slogoff

Sizzle from the pan,
Coated in butter,
Hear the trees sing
As the windows shudder.
Watch the leaves dance
Falling from trees.
I feel a frigid gale,
Such a strong breeze.
Watch the lights turn…